Table Theatre

"Certain crimes are of an absolute gravity, the just punishment also. But it is hard not to wonder whether some criminals have not had their path marked out from birth by becoming, forged by the culture in which they lived, crime machines with no alternative."

Who could or should intervene to break this chain of evil? And how?

At the age of 20, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. To begin with, he spent six months in solitary confinement, and read Pascal, Aristotle and St Augustine. He wrote poems on his crimes and published them. He took up theatre, but he had served ten years and had had enough...

from 15 years approx.
duration: 50 minutes

Claudio Montagna, a fine playwright and artistic director of Teatro e Società, is considered one of the fathers of theatrical animation and the use of theatrical language in social contexts and hardship situations.