Since 1992 the CTA has been promoting Figure Theatre with great attention and sensitivity to new developments and trends in the sector. Its constant and passionate aim is to go beyond the patterns of tradition, open up to contemporary languages and experiment with new relationships across other artistic disciplines.

The Centre has always been involved in cultural promotion outside the mainstream circuits and is fully committed to pursuing the educational and training mission of live performance. This is a great opportunity to foster integration and inclusiveness, to fight social hardship and, at the same time, to offer critical tools that stimulate awareness and the ability to read the present.

With its activities, the CTA has managed to firmly establish itself in the province and region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The work that it has been doing with schools for more than thirty years now, including workshops, performances in educational venues, and theatre matinees, educates new generations of spectators who follow its festivals and numerous organised events with passion.

It has always addressed different generations: audiences of children, young people, families, adults and the elderly with initiatives and projects mainly aimed at educating an aware public open to a more innovative and diverse offer.

The CTA has always been attentive and sensitive to environmental issues and, in each event, pays particular attention to the footprint on the territory, helping to form a more attentive and aware environmental conscience.

For its 30 years of activity it is recognised by the Ministry of Culture and is a founding partner and member of several associations in the sector:

ATF/AGIS – Figure Theatre Association;
ARTS – Regional Theatre and Performing Arts Association of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Member of:
UNIMA Italia
Open Street AISBL (Brussels)
Figure Theatre Centres Network – ATF/AGIS.

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