Puppet & Design

Darkroom is a cabaret of musical objects inspired by The Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen, considered one of his most famous stories. 
In the performance, the rhythm of the text, the passages and musical phrases intertwine with the objects, creating a very special relationship between minimalism, cacophony and animation that unfolds within the fantastic dark room of a photographic studio.

from 15 years - Italian subtitles

duration: approx. 50 minutes

The Lutkovno Gledališče Ljubljana (LGL) is Slovenia's most important figure theatre, producing and hosting performances for children, young people and adults. Today, the theatre runs five theatres that offer seating for about a thousand people, and produces fifteen new shows a year for about 110,000 spectators.

It organises the LUTKE International Puppet Festival, which takes place every two years and brings the best foreign figure theatre productions to Slovenia, promoting interdisciplinary research and experimentation. It also organises BiTeater, a special project aimed at emerging artists and companies.

The theatre also participates in various European projects, including the Puppet & Design project.

Matija Solce puppeteer, actor, musician, renowned and award-winning figure theatre director. In his work, he interweaves music and object theatre to create performances that contain a precise rhythmic animation, supported by a fragmented dramaturgy that interacts with the audience.