Gorizia: the garden city of Mitteleuropa

With its many parks and gardens, until the First World War Gorizia was a cosmopolitan city where Italian, Friulian, Slovenian and German were spoken. Its historical centre is a perfect example of this cultural variety and features a rich mixture of architectural styles, ranging from Gothic to Baroque, Neoclassical to Art Nouveau. Today, it is a venue for meetings of international cooperation groups, cross-border festivals and cultural events at the national and international level.

Foto di Marco Milani


Gorizia is also known for its culinary traditions, which range from Slovenian to Italian cuisine, with dishes such as goulash, mlici, lubianska and plum gnocchi; desserts such as Gubana goriziana, Gugelhupf, Strucolo and Ghibanizza ; or local products such as Gorizia's pink radicchio, asparagus and Sant’Andrea Savoy cabbage.

Trattoria Gostilna Primozic - with its informal atmosphere, here you can try goulash dumplings, cevapcici and other traditional Slovenian dishes. In fine weather, it is possible to lunch or dine in the outdoor area.

Viale XX Settembre, 134, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 82117


Trattoria Turri - With its informal atmosphere, here you can enjoy fried chicken.

Piazza Sant'Andrea, 11, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 21856


Trattoria Gianni - Offers home cooking and generous portions. Booking well in advance is recommended.

Via Carlo de Morelli, 8/b, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 534568

Osteria ca' di Pieri - Offers local Gorizia and Friulian cuisine.

Via P. Antonio Codelli, 5, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 533308

Antica osteria al Sabotino - A small restaurant with a fish or meat menu.

Via Santa Chiara, 4, 34170 Gorizia

Tel. (+39) 0481 538111


Trattoria alla Luna - Offers traditional dishes in a typical Gorizia environment.

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 13, 34170 Gorizia

Tel. (+39) 0481 530374


Vecia Gorizia - Small restaurant in a historical part of the town: the former Jewish ghetto. It offers traditional Gorizia cuisine.

Via S. Giovanni, 14, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 32424


Rosenbar - in its dishes the restaurant combines tradition and innovation. In fine weather you can have lunch or dinner in the outdoor garden.

Via Duca d'Aosta, 96, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 522700

Al ponte del Calvario (1956 by Mirko) - Located below Mount Calvario, it offers barbecues and has an outdoor area.

Via Vallone dell'Acqua Piedimonte, Gorizia, Località Groina

Tel. (+39) 0481 534428


Peperino - Typical Neapolitan pizza and fried food. Possibility of lunch or dinner either inside or outside the venue.

Corso Italia, 106, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 532451


Pizzeria al Lampione - A historic pizzeria in Gorizia, offering over 40 types of pizza, also with alternative doughs such as kamut and gluten-free, and home cooking.

Via Silvio Pellico, 7, 34170 Gorizia GO

Telephone: (+39) 0481 32780


Pizzeria zero81 - Neapolitan pizzeria where you can enjoy traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Corso Italia, 110, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 351 588 6713


Osteria Borgo Castello - For an aperitif with Collio wines, but also for a snack or a quick lunch, with home cooking and typical Gorizia dishes.

Borgo Castello, 23, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 538528

Mama Angela - With outdoor seating, overlooking Piazza Vittoria. It offers a wide selection of local wines and snacks.

Piazza della Vittoria, 53/54, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 375 664 0624

Osteria Rastello - A place to taste local wines in an informal setting.

Via Rastello, 47 Gorizia

Tel. (+39) 347 751 5804

Il giardino dei Vizi - Suitable for an outdoor aperitif, in the setting of Piazza Sant'Antonio. Local wines, spritzes, cheese and charcuterie snacks.

Piazza S. Antonio, 12/13, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 347 821 6583


Atmosfere la Stüa - A selection of wines and also beers. It is a place where you can stop for an aperitif, but also for dinner.

Piazza S. Antonio, 16, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 33674


Caffè del Teatro - Bar suitable for a coffee break or an aperitif. In the centre, close to the pedestrian zone.

Tel. (+39) 0481 280187

Dejà Vú Café - For a coffee break or an aperitif in the heart of the old town and a short walk from the ascent to the Castle.

Via Rastello, 71, 34170 Gorizia

Tel. (+39) 380 863 9552

Patisseries and Cafés

Pasticceria Cidin - specialising in the preparation of typical Gorizia pastries.

Tel. (+39) 0481 32561

Pasticceria l'Oca Golosa - Offers the right balance of tradition and experimentation in its desserts. They are the "inventors" of the Lambertina cake.

Tel. (+39) 0481 21549


Gelateria Glida - Offers homemade ice cream. Closed during the winter months.


Pasticceria Centrale - Suitable for pastries, coffee, but also for a quick lunch. It is in the pedestrian area of Via Garibaldi.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 4, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 530131


Artisan breads and biscuits at Teresa's. For a take-away lunch, they offer meat, breaded vegetables and flatbreads.

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 3, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 240319


Bar al Mercato - For a coffee break in the centre.

Corso Giuseppe Verdi, 24, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 349 650 0858


Gorizia Inn, in the centre among shops and residences, is 750 metres from the railway station.

Tel. (+39) 327 545 1304


B&B 1848 Chef's Room is in Via Rastello, a historic street in the centre of Gorizia, in an old but renovated building.

Via Rastello, 62, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 375 645 3998


B&B Lucciole per Lanterne is about 2 km from the centre. Its rooms are brightly coloured and for breakfasts there is a choice even for coeliacs. Pets allowed.

Via dei Leoni, 78, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 347 048 7300


Best Western Gorizia Palace Hotel is a 4-star hotel close to the centre and not far from the railway station. The hotel offers parking and Wi-Fi.

Corso Italia, 63, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 82166


Grand Hotel Entourage is a hotel in the heart of Gorizia and converted from an old palace. It offers rooms and suites with period furnishings and features a restaurant and wine bar.

Piazza S. Antonio, 2, 34170 Gorizia GO

Tel. (+39) 0481 198 8060


Klanjscek wine & stay is about 10 minutes' drive from the centre of Gorizia. In modern rustic style, it has a restaurant, garden and outdoor play area for children.

Locality Ossario, 13/c, 34170 Gorizia

Tel. (+39) 0481 180 2717